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1119 Amsterdam Ave (at W 120 St) New York, NY 10027 United States

Dreamland Care Pharmacy is your “complete” pharmacy for custom compound medications, and your regular prescription needs!

Now with two great locations to better serve our local patients, Santa Clara, Utah located at the corner of Sunset and Canyon View Dr,  1119 Amsterdam Ave (at W 120 St) New York, NY 10027 United States, also with convenient Drive-Thru.

For our local patients we also offer FREE In-Town delivery, and FREE SHIPPING to our out-of-town patients.

At Dreamland Care Pharmacy we believe in helping to make you better!
Our pharmacists and staff are always available to answer your questions. When you become a patient at Dreamland Pharmacy, we check for drug interactions, listen to your concerns about your symptoms and medication routines you may have tried, and we will assist you with supplements to help with vitamin and mineral depletion that can occur while on medication. Because your health deserves more, we aren’t the typical pharmacy that fills your prescription and sends you home; we want to become part of your healthcare team. These reasons are why we believe that Fusion Is Better Medicine.

Licensed in 27 states, Dreamland Care Pharmacy’s quality and patient care standards follow can follow you where you live, and you’ll enjoy our FREE SHIPPING to your door!

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